We are proud to be so well received by our parents and community. Read what they have to say about Preschool Social Academy.


"Our family has known Kimberly for almost 10 years.  Our oldest daughter was one of five in her inaugural class.  At that time, PSA operated out of Kimberly's first floor in her home in Woburn.  From the moment I first met Kimberly, I was so impressed by her drive, confidence, compassion, intelligence, patience and dedication. Back in 2007, Kimberly shared with us the vision she had to become one of the leading preschools in Winchester once she could find the appropriate building space to do so within the Winchester community.  Through the enrollment process of our second daughter, we were able to witness her making that dream a reality by building PSA from the ground up.  Our youngest daughter, was part of the inaugural class in PSA's new space in Cross Street.  The beautiful space filled with trained and loving educators was impressive from Day 1.  As a family we have watched Kimberly blossom from a young woman starting out that wore ALL of the hats at PSA (teacher, director, cook, care giver, potty trainer) into a more mature director of PSA.  She did all of this while continuing to give back to the community by supporting local organizations like FAN by being the Children's Event Chair for 7 years and sponsoring Winchester's PMC Kids Ride that raises money for Dana Farber.  We are so proud to have been such an integral part of both the start up and the maturation of PSA into that dream of becoming one of the leading preschools in Winchester.  Both of our young girls made lasting friendships and memories at PSA and were more than ready academically and socially to adjust well into the Winchester School System.  We most definitely recommend PSA to all who ask us!!!

- Robin Shevland, Winchester, MA

"We were so thrilled by our experience at Preschool Social Academy. I could tell right away that my daughter Mia loved it there by the way she'd bounce into the modern stylish classroom. You could tell Kimberly took pride in her school from the meticulously clean toys right down to the strategically placed hand sanitizer bottles. 

My husband proudly displayed Mia's trendy and well put together artwork on his desk at work. Her (at times magical) curriculum was both well thought out and impeccably communicated back home so I knew exactly what went on in Mia's day. I was delighted that this served as somewhat of a dinner topic for my husband and I. When he got home from work he'd ask right away where Mia's "report" was.  Last but not least we appreciated Kimberly's years of knowledge and background that she brought not just to the classroom but also into our home. She gladly shared stories with humor, made recommendation, and helped us over little hurdles we'd face from time to time such as potty training or new sudden sleeping issues. Every family should be so lucky and we feel incredibly fortunate to have found such a magnificent first teacher for our daughter." 

 - Review from the new FAN members only website by: Patricia and Mark Donavaro

"My son attended PSA from the ages of 3-5. He started in the morning program and transitioned to the afternoon program before he started Kindergarten. There are so many great things to say about Miss Kimberly and her wonderful school. Here are the points that stand out to me as making her program stand out from the rest.

- Consistent schedule each day

- Flexibility with drop off and pick up times

- Daily reports sent home- at dinner we would read the report to our son and he would fill in details so we could talk about his day together. It included what they did, ate, toilet habits. It really left no questions. At the end, there is always a personal note specifically about your child from the day as well.

- Impressive playing - one time all 10 children were in the science room together. There was not a sound in the room and everyone was busy doing their activities.

- Miss Kimberly focuses on your child's strengths- she always uses positive reinforcement

- My son learned how to write and recognize all the letters. By kindergarten he is sounding out words.
- She is very flexible with potty training- there is no pressure.

-She had the most beautiful touching graduation ceremony for the kids.

We have loved our experience at PSA and would do it all over again if we could. The school is consistent, flexible and accommodating to your needs as a parent. Most importantly, the kids feel loved and I really do believe that they are loved." 

 - Alison and Ted Curcio, Winchester, MA

"I am the mother of girl/boy twins who this year started Kindergarten.  They are both where they need to be and ahead in certain areas.  I credit Kimberly Higgins and the wonderful preschool teachers at Preschool Social Academy for preparing my twins for elementary school. 

When I started looking at preschools, I researched all Winchester, MA preschools and through word of mouth found PSA.  After many visits and interviews with different preschools, and discussions with other mothers, I decided to look into PSA.  After meeting with Kimberly Higgins, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt compared to the other schools I researched.  Shortly thereafter, I enrolled my preschoolers at PSA and can’t say enough positive things about my kids’ experience there.

PSA provides an intimate, caring, social, educational and fun preschool environment. The daily agenda offers some structured learning, social skills, plenty of art and creative play.

Accompanied by a staff of very nurturing, supportive and talented women. In mine and my husband’s opinion, the curriculum and level of teaching at PSA is superior to any pre-school in the area, and as I said above, we looked at them all. We are so glad we made the decision to send our kids to PSA.

I wholeheartedly recommend Preschool Social Academy."  

 - Daina Ozols Goldberg, Winchester, MA

"We vividly remember the first day we got our three-year-old daughter to Ms. Kimberly Higgins’ Preschool Social Academy. She hardly knew any English and no one at the preschool knew anything about our native language from India. We wanted our daughter to be bilingual and hence conversed with her in our native Indian language. Ms. Kimberly asked us for few keywords of our language that our daughter used and the rest she assured us would be just fine. Fine, it surely turned out to be. We were able to see that in a matter of a few days as Heyel mixed up with the teachers and pupils immediately and soon was seamlessly blending the two languages to converse. We really felt that Ms. Kimberly and her staff of wonderful teachers understood our daughter and cared about our daughter despite the language barrier which they ultimately and quite quickly made immaterial.

As a toddler, our daughter was always susceptible to cold. Whenever we requested Ms. Kimberly to keep our daughter indoors to protect her from the elements of cold, she would gladly oblige. We learnt from several friends and people that this accommodating philosophy is very rare in preschools. We were very satisfied with the considerate nature of Ms. Kimberly and her staff over the course of the three years that our daughter spent at the Preschool Social Academy. 

Another thing that we clearly noted was how carefully Ms. Kimberly managed her preschool. She had the lowest teacher to student ratio throughout the entire three years that our daughter spent at the preschool. The best part though was not just the ratio but also the quality of the staff at the preschool. Starting with Ms. Kimberly, our daughter had a lot of favorite teachers at preschool. Our daughter moved from the preschool to Kindergarten, but the memories, entirely fond, of her wonderful preschool remains with us and we are sure such joyous remembrances will be part of kids and their parents who chose Ms. Kimberly’s wonderful Preschool Social Academy." 

 - Harpreet and Mannu Kalra

"I first heard of Preschool Social Academy when my daughter was 6 months old and we had just relocated from across the country.  I wasn’t ready to think of preschool but I heard Kimberly Higgins’ name bantered around enough that it stuck with me.  2 ½ years later I heard she was having a summer camp program at the school.  I signed my child up immediately.  When I met Kimberly for the first time, a few things stood out for me.  One, she is really entrepreneurial, continuously looking to grow and develop her programs and the school.  Two, Kimberly is extremely professional as are her employees, who have been with her for some time.  I appreciate the consistency of her staff.  Three, I like the intimate size of the school, with the teacher/student ratio at around 1:3.

Kimberly is attentive and committed to the children.  Her sensitivity to concerns a parent has or might have makes her stand out, and she is also a great resource and sounding board when needed.  She really goes the extra mile with you regarding your child’s needs, and yours.

My daughter has begun Kindergarten with strong writing and reading skills.  I attribute the start of her good academic foundation to the curriculum, care and attention she received while at PSA."

- Julie Gendich 

"Hi Kimberly, I have been meaning to send you a note to tell you how wonderful our experience has been with PSA.  Emmie is really enjoying Kindergarten so far. It is a long day but she has been eager to head out each morning to school to see her friends. PSA had her well prepared for this transition. I cannot say enough about the one-to-one attention you and the other teachers provide to the kids each day because it really fostered Emmie's reading and writing by working with her desire to learn these things and never forcing it.  Socially, I know she is confident in expressing herself because that was always encouraged at PSA to do just that."

- Kim Del Sesto, Winchester, MA 

"I was very apprehensive about putting my son PJ into a program as I thought for sure he would be too much for any classroom setting. PJ had Short Gut Syndrome and required many special demands throughout the day. Including but not limited to certain lavatory requirements every hour on the hour, one-on-one attention to get him to eat, and staying away from all water for fear that is Central Line would become infected. Kimberly and her team handled all of this and any other requests I had effortlessly.

Kimberly's background proved indispensible to both PJ and my entire family. Due to Kimberly's tireless work, PJ ate at school, but refused to do so at home or for our eating therapist/specialist at Harvard Pilgram. Kimberly kindly offered to join me on one of these visits in which she consulted with the therapist and assisted in developing an eating plan for PJ. As if this wasn't over and above enough, she then personally came to my home for a few visits to help me implement this.

We adore Kimberly, are thankful she came into our lives when she did, and tremendously grateful she stayed!"

- Samantha Maher, Winchester, MA 

"Preschool Social Academy has been a wonderful place for our son this year. Kimberly Higgins and her team have created a wonderful preschool. Their business has just the right mixture of age-appropriate curriculum and free play time. Our son has made wonderful first friendships at PSA, and he has made real social and academic progress there including potty-training, sharing, recognizing colors and shapes, and drawing with a tripod grip. We are fortunate to have such a qualified educator providing care in our area." 

- Dawn Grogan, Winchester, MA

"We've known Kimberly for a year through our direct contact with her and one other trusted source, our three year old son. All three of us agree that our son couldn't have spent this school-year with a friendlier and more trustworthy caregiver. Kimberly has great instincts and we can always count on her to go the extra mile in order to make our son feel happy and safe. Whether transitioning after a long vacation or difficult morning pickups, Kimberly puts thought and enthusiasm into everything she does with the children. In the same way, she pays direct attention to the uniqueness of every child/family with whom she comes into contact. Giving your child his/her first childcare experience outside of the home is a big step and I'm so glad that we chose the Preschool Social Academy as our place to do so." 

- Ashley Bevan, Winchester, MA

"We have nothing but good words to say about Kimberly Higgins and her Preschool Social Academy! Our son, Josh, has been going twice a week and he absolutely loves it. In that time we have seen Josh really progress positively in all areas but most of all with his interactions with other children. All of the children who attend are all so happy and sociable and we are certain this is due to the care and attention that Kimberley puts into planning and managing each day. We get a 'school report' at the end of each school day which outlines what he has been up to and what he has enjoyed the most. He also brings home any pictures or craft work that he has done that day. Of course, like all new parents they are now randomly decorating our house (apologies in advance for anyone who visits us!). Josh going to the Preschool Social Academy has been both rewarding for him and for us. We have no reservations in recommending both Kimberly and her Preschool Social Academy." 

- Alison, Chris & Josh Bromley, Winchester, MA

"I cannot say enough good things about Kimberly Higgins and Preschool Social Academy! My husband and I wondered if sending Abby to "school" at 2 years old was too young, but it was the best decision we ever made. Kimberly teaches her students how to navigate social challenges in a developmentally appropriate way.  Abby tended to be a bit shy in new social settings and Kimberly provided a nurturing and caring environment for her to feel safe and comfortable.   Whenever I had a question (re: sleep issues, becoming a big sister, etc.) Kimberly was always willing to take the time and answer it thoroughly.  The communication she provides is outstanding.  

Kimberly is professional, outgoing, and very well-versed in child development.   We couldn't be happier with our experience with Preschool Social Academy!  Abby LOVED it and her little brother will be attending as soon as he's old enough!"  

- Kelly Unger, Winchester, MA

"My daughter began attending Kimberly's school when she was 26 months old. She was fairly shy and quiet, so I had been searching for a program that would get her out and socializing with kids on her own. Kimberly's program was just what we were looking for. What impressed me most about Kimberly was her connection to the kids. Each day when I'd drop my daughter off, Kimberly would kneel down and greet her and show her whatever toys/activities she had set out for the day. Kimberly really takes into account what the kids' interests are. For example, the kids were all talking about golf one day, so the next week she had set up a mini golf course in her backyard. I also appreciated the outside time that she built into each day. Unless it was pouring rain or absolutely freezing, Kimberly would take the kids outside to play and learn in the yard. The daily reports that were sent home each day were great. By outlining what the children had done at school, she gave us further opportunity to engage our kids in conversation about what activities they had done that day. My daughter was always happy, well-fed (love that she serves lunch!) and full of new thoughts when I picked her up. If she had her way, she'd be at Kimberly's every day!" 

- Marie Simpson, Winchester, MA

"I have known Kimberly for the past two years and have admired her warm and loving nature, while also being awed by her professionalism and her ability to get things done- and done well- as the Chair of the Family Action Network's Children's Programming Committee."

- Elizabeth Angelino (Winchester Family Action Network President)  

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